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by Katerina Pitzner

INFINITY by Katerina Pitzner

Discreet yet mesmerizing. Timeless yet contemporary. The INFINITY Jewelry Collection is inspired by the beauty of eternity, and the everlasting beauty inside each and every one of us. Try it on and discover. Crafted to last forever, Infinity is one of a kind. Just like you. So shine on.

All the INFINITY DIAMONDS elements

For the real moment and celebration


The INFINITY diamond collection is crafted from 18K gold, and every diamond is hand-picked to match the 4 C’s, carat, color, clarity and cut.

The diamonds dance with mesmerizing light even at the slightest movement.

Say hello to your personal halo and capture those precious moments.

Diamonds are the DNA of Katerina Pitzner

Katerina Pitzner is a highly trusted name in the global diamond market. She has been dealing directly on the world’s largest diamond exchanges for more than 20 years purchasing precious gem stones for private clients and specialist investors. Her everlasting fascination of diamonds stems from the Pitzner-family.

“Diamond trading is in Katerina Pitzner’s DNA”

Katerina Pitzner’s journey began in her father’s exclusive and highly recognized jewelry and watch stores in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today she’s an expert capable of approaching a diamond deal – both from an outside investor’s point of view and from an insider’s perspective.

INFINITY Certificate

Each INFINITY jewelry comes in an exclusive jewelry box with a customized certificate.
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Classic Ring


Modern Ring

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