Katerina Pitzner Droste Billede


Discreet yet mesmerizing. Timeless yet contemporary. The Infinity Jewelry Collection is inspired by the beauty of eternity, and the everlasting beauty inside each and every one of us. Try it on and discover. Crafted to last forever, Infinity is one of a kind. Just like you. So shine on.


Each and every diamond in the Infinity necklace is hand picked to match the 4 C's, carat, color, clarity and cut. But the original beauty of the Infinity-diamonds was created billions of years ago by wonders of nature. Deep inside Earth, carbon was crystallized under extreme temperature and pressure. Brought to the surface by volcanic activity, these unique gems are now ready to reflect infinite beauty.


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Let your fingers do the talking with this sublime, handcrafted piece of jewelry. The modern Infinity ring carries twelve unique diamonds that dance with mesmerizing light even at the slightest movement. Say hello to your personal halo and capture them precious moments of infinity. Perfect for special occasions. Or just everyday brilliance.
Katerina Pitzners Infinity Ring in Yellow Gold.


This ring is the newest wonder in the Infinity-series. With sixteen unique diamonds this handcrafted piece of jewelry will even outperform the sky’s light show on a romantic, starry night. The classic ring fits a versatile wardrobe. But its our guess that someone will prefer to see you wearing it naked.


Delicate and detailed. Sophisticated and graceful. The Infinity earring with its diamonds creates a timeless appeal, and the light performance of these miracles of nature echoes that of sparkling stars. Designed to turn heads this pair of jewelry is a treasure for a lifetime. Try it on and hear the whisper of eternity.


Embrace infinity and elevate everyday with the brilliance of this beautiful bangle with handpicked diamonds from the Infinity-series. Get ready to look classy and elegant and turn heads wherever you go.
Each Infinity jewelry comes in an exclusive jewelry box with a customized certificate.